Ethics of Permaculture

Permaculture is based on three ethical foundations that all aim at enhancing and promoting life sustainably:Ethics of Permaculture

  1. Care for the Earth – The Earth is a living entity, supporting many diverse life forms.  Looking after the Earth, and everything that lives on it (because all living forms have intrinsic worth), will ensure the Earth can in turn look after us, meeting our basic needs such as food, energy, shelter, fibbers, medicine, etc.
  2. Care for the People – It is fundamental people look after each other, as families, neighbours, wider communities. This ethics is about communication, companionship and collaboration.
  3. Fair Share of Resources – This ethical foundation is about setting limits to the consumption of resources and distributing surplus equitably so that we only take what we need and ensure that others too may live healthy and prosperous lives in a sustainable way.