At UKUVUNA, we are dedicated to supporting the implementation of optimised sustainable projects within communities in Southern Africa through the promotion of permaculture.

We provide quality design, training, assistance, monitoring support and networking services to assist community enrichment through the initiation and maintenance of permanent productive agricultural systems supplying food, energy, income and other essential services while respecting the environment and renewing its natural resources as a basis for sustainable lifestyles, self-reliance, self-help job creation and poverty alleviation that are needed for a full and swift socio-economic and ecological recovery.

Our services are offered in four specific packages:

Designing and Establishing Household Food Systems (HFS)

  • Vegetable, fruit and herb gardens
  • Composting & Vermiculture (earthworm farming)
  • Small livestock
  • Sustainable food production
  • Permaculture Design.

Designing and Establishing Nature Restoration Systems (NRS)

  • System design (energy renewal systems such as biogas & solar, eco building techniques)
  • Zone and sector planning, designing food forests, agroforestry, guild formation, poly-culture systems, edge and stacking, creating buffer zones and windbreaks, animals in the system
  • Water management (wetland reclamation, swales, designing wetland, rainwater harvesting technology, irrigation systems, grey & black water treatment systems, ferro cement systems)
  • Soil management (cultivating healthy soil, erosion control, gulley reclamation, zero tillage, farming with indigenous trees, land restoration [e.g. use of gabions & vetiver grass])
  • Forestation – creating food forestry, beekeeping projects
  • Springs and river protection.

Nature’s Healing Plants & Nutrition (NHP&N)

  • Nutrition & diet
  • Medicinal plant cultivation & use
  • Herbs processing
  • Spiritual, mental & physical wellbeing.

Seed Restoration & Plant Breeding Systems (SR&PBS)

  • Heritage seed breeding & management
  • Exploring the history of seeds in Africa
  • Plant nursery establishment & management
  • Provision of a variety of plants including, seeds, bulbs, herbs, medicinal, indigenous trees & shrubs, flowers, fruit &vegetable seedlings at wholesale prices.

Our unique approach combines:

  • a consultative process to actively engage with the communities in order to strengthen local involvement and leadership;
  • training through exchanges and dialogue on a variety of sustainable issues practices alternating with supervised hands-on practicals;
  • a specific training component on anticipated risk assessment;
  • an emphasis on fostering resilience and stewardship within communities by finding the appropriate synergy between indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) and modern technologies;
  • an awareness on the challenges posed by climate change as well as those posed by HIV/AIDS;
  • an assistance with the establishment of formal and legal structures within the household units such as family trusts (FT) and community based organisations (CBO);
  • a tailor-made participative monitoring and evaluation system.

Please do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our services.