Our Approach

Ukuvuna is committed to the sustainable betterment of communities livelihoods in southern Africa. Our outreach programme aims at addressing issues faced by both urban and rural Southern African communities in terms of livelihoods through permaculture. The main core areas we focused on, which are closely interlinked to achieve sustainable livelihood, are natural resource restoration, food and nutrition security, and entrepreneurship.

Our main intervention is to teach communities about permaculture principles and train them on how to implement its different elements (i.e. natural resource restoration, nutritious food production, income generation, fair sharing). We also assist them in designing and implementing their project.

Our unique approach combines:

  • a consultative process to actively engage with the communities in order to strengthen local involvement and leadership;
  • training through exchanges and dialogue on a variety of sustainable issues practices alternating with supervised hands-on practicals;
  • a specific training component on anticipated risk assessment;
  • an emphasis on fostering resilience and stewardship within communities by finding the appropriate synergy between indigenous knowledge systems (IKS) and modern technologies;
  • an awareness on the challenges posed by climate change as well as those posed by HIV/AIDS;
  • an assistance with the establishment of formal and legal structures within the household units such as family trusts (FT) and community based organisations (CBO);
  • a tailor-made participative monitoring and evaluation system.

Please contact info@ukuvuna.org for more information on our outreach programme.